Where were you on Black Friday?

                Black Friday: the day everyone waits in line to buy stuff for Christmas or mostly, get great deals, sort of, for themselves. Retailers feel it is the best indication of what their seasonal sales will look like. No question this the sales period each year that will either make or break a merchant. I’m told various things; that anywhere from 60 to 80% of all retail sales are made during this period each year. That is the lion share of sales. 

                UPS and FedEx do an incredible amount of extra package flying the last few months of each year. They call it peak season and it goes can go on for months following Christmas and the New Year in order to catch-up with back ordered merchandise sales. During this time period though, merchant sales are relatively low and if it wasn’t a good pre-Christmas season, many fail.

                I myself don’t go out to retail outlets on Black Friday. I don’t feel the need to battle the crowds and the sale price of whatever it is that I might want could more than likely be better at another time of the year. I can wait.



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