Being as this happened perhaps 30 plus years ago, I think the statute of limitations has run-out by now…

Two nights earlier my friend Dennis and I occupied much of the space of our small tent along with most of our backpacking equipment because the coyotes continually harassed us. Our long climb and downhill trek into the Golden Trout Wilderness had led us to the remote location next to the Kern River. The burbling water’s rushing rhythm would have otherwise been relaxing but I grew tired of the constant yapping and howling. I unzipped the tent opening, unzipped the fly over the vestibule and stuck my hand out. The shocking report echoes from my pistol as I blasted it into the nearby hill. It returned again and again. Then peace once again filled the night and we drifted off.

 Now, slumbering in the predawn hours, high in the mountain pass, someone starts to yodel at the top of their lungs as they hike along the trail. Dennis groans, “Icarus, pretend he’s a coyote.”


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