Get into the AIR Scholarship Opportunity

This was copied directly from the Aviation Insurance Resources (AIR) site. “A $500 aviation scholarship is being offered for student pilots and pilots to help further their training. Sponsored by Aviation Insurance Resources, the Get Into the Air scholarship can be used towards any phase of flight training, a flight review, written exam, instrument proficiency … Continue reading Get into the AIR Scholarship Opportunity



“From my own experience in trying to make stories ‘work,’ I have discovered that what is needed is an action that is totally unexpected, yet totally believable, and I have found that, for me, this is always an action which indicates that grace has been offered.”                                                                 – Flannery O’Connor

The U.N. is not a Sovereign Government

The United Nations is not a sovereign government. The UN is an arbitrator—its only authority is derived from those governments whom accept its decisions. Therefore, it cannot tell anyone to accept its rulings or “laws.”   Many, if not most major atrocities performed in wars where the UN is involved were initiated and carried out … Continue reading The U.N. is not a Sovereign Government