Forced Arbitration

In general I am not opposed to arbitration as a means of settling disputes. That is, as long as the arbitrator is totally, and I mean TOTALLY, neutral. The arbitrator cannot, IN ANY WAY, have a connection either through business or personal contact, with either party, PERIOD! That being said, I also believe that if … Continue reading Forced Arbitration


The Sky is Falling

The airplane approaches and airport in a large urban center because it is the closest airport to their destination. They are willing to pay for the extra expensive fuel at such a stop because price doesn’t matter in this instance. It would otherwise, however time is of the essence so the pilot foregoes the alternative … Continue reading The Sky is Falling

Net Neutrality

What if you were told that a particular product wasn’t available anymore? If you really liked that particular brand or it was the only thing that really fit your need, I would expect you would be disappointed or even angry. What if every time you searched for something on the internet you did so using … Continue reading Net Neutrality


Being as this happened perhaps 30 plus years ago, I think the statute of limitations has run-out by now... Two nights earlier my friend Dennis and I occupied much of the space of our small tent along with most of our backpacking equipment because the coyotes continually harassed us. Our long climb and downhill trek … Continue reading Coyotes